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KNEWRON is a global hardware and turn-key solutions' design studio for connected devices, intelligent systems, and applications of the internet of things for industries and commercial markets. We support customers with atypical solutions in today's modern world.

Expertise is more than the technology, process and experience. It is an ability to get things done and follow through. This requires the sum of all these and then some - the professional spirit and personal interest of our team.

1btn: An Open Source WiFi Connected Button
One of the unusual things of IoT - simplest interface for complex tasks. 1btn is an internet connected device, designed to do tasks on the single click of a button. The system operates on WiFi which connects to the internet when needed, and on the event of a button click triggers the task 1btn is assigned to do...it's that simple.
Embedded Electronics : In Nutshells and Capsules
Not figuratively but literally so, this article sheds light on how embedded electronics is moving from industrial and military equipment to everyday things–from nutshells and capsules, trees and towers to saucepans and soccer balls, making life easier and better in what we could now call the ‘Electronics of Things’ era. This article is first published in Electronics For You, Jan-14 issue written by Janani Gopalakrishnan Vikram
Designing for IoT Applications
For a device to be IoT-compatible or an IoT-based application, it should have very little or no human interaction for its control. Per se only a sensor network may not qualify as an IoT application. Although, by definition, the IoT refers to uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure (not necessarily use Internet). We may choose to call it an Internet of Humans and Things (IHAT?) or something like that, but surely not an IoT. So, in short, all sensor networks may not qualify as an IoT applications.
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