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KNEWRON is a global hardware and turn-key solutions' design house for connected devices, intelligent systems and applications of internet of things for industries and commercial markets.

Expertise is more than the technology, process and experience. It is the ability to get things done and follow through. This requires the sum of all these and then some - the professional spirit and personal interest of our team.

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One of the unusual things of IoT - simplest interface for complex tasks

Embedded Systems Prospects & Future in India
The digital revolution now has reached to a stage where we cannot conduct our normal modern daily lives without this technology. Indeed, it is reasonable to say that everyone already owns at least one piece of equipment, which contains a processor or microcontroller in it. If embedded systems are to become a serious discipline to contribute in progression of the Indian economy and global demand in general, it is imperative that our proven expertise in IT software should play a crucial role in developing talent with the required skills.
Featured Article
Embedded Electronics : In Nutshells and Capsules

Not figuratively but literally so, this article sheds light on how embedded electronics is moving from industrial and military equipment to everyday things–from nutshells and capsules, trees and towers to saucepans and soccer balls, making life easier and better in what we could now call the ‘Electronics of Things’ era. This article is first published in Electronics For You, Jan-14 issue written by Janani Gopalakrishnan Vikram

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