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Embedded Electronics : In Nutshells and Capsules

Not figuratively but literally so, this article sheds light on how embedded electronics is moving from industrial and military equipment to everyday things–from nutshells and capsules, trees and towers to saucepans and soccer balls, making life easier and better in what we could now call the ‘Electronics of Things’ era. This article is first published in Electronics For You, Jan-14 issue written by Janani Gopalakrishnan Vikram

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 Embedded Systems Ė Prospects & Future in India
The digital revolution now has reached to a stage where we cannot conduct our normal modern daily lives without this technology. Indeed, it is reasonable to say that everyone already owns at least one piece of equipment, which contains a processor or microcontroller in it. If embedded systems are to become a serious discipline to contribute in progression of the Indian economy and global demand in general, it is imperative that our proven expertise in IT software should play a crucial role in developing talent with the required skills.
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 Moving Beyond The Routine of IoT Applications
If you search over internet, you would realize that there are only a few typical applications based on IoT such as smart-watches, home automation, home plantation and access controls. I think IoT is much bigger than that. Have a look around and one could figure out so many potential applications of IoT there itself. See in kitchen, one fine day house-wives suddenly realize that LPG is exhausted and they need new cylinder which causes enough inconvenience; why canít we work on that application where you get advance alerts and not only that but order for new cylinder can also get placed in advance.
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 Designing for IoT Applications
For a device to be IoT-compatible or an IoT-based application, it should have very little or no human interaction for its control. Per se only a sensor network may not qualify as an IoT application. Although, by definition, the IoT refers to uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure (not necessarily use Internet). We may choose to call it an Internet of Humans and Things (IHAT?) or something like that, but surely not an IoT. So, in short, all sensor networks may not qualify as an IoT applications.
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 How to Select Right MCU for Each Application ?
This very question stems from the need to cater application requirement as perfect as possible. When it comes to selecting a MCU based on parameters, the results may be either pin-pointing leave you to scratch your heads. In either case, just these donít help in just picking an MCU due to many other factors involved in selection. Let us see some of the critical consideration factors for selecting of MCU for an application...
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 Step by Step Design of
A Low Power Application Circuit

The number of embedded devices which must be run from battery power or parasitic power is continuously growing. The traditional approaches to designing these systems vary from simply relying on semiconductor manufacturers to provide the lowest power parts and design layouts. Here we will discuss a few practical techniques in a step-by-step manner which can give designers some real power to reduce the power.

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 Electric Vehicles in India - A Safe Bet ?

Sooner or later, electric vehicles are going to be a reality which will change landscape of majority of Indian industries including some of the semi-government and government sectors. Given some facts and issues, could this be a safe bet for coming years?

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 Waiting Time Eliminated with Techno-Process Interventions

Tangled into time consuming mundane activities client was not sure about its team’s effectiveness and efficiencies. Knewron helped in streamlining efforts towards company’s expansion goals with techno-process interventions that delivered manifold outcomes. Read more to know about the approach and results achieved with techno-process intervention.

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 Know More About Electric Vehicles
While one is aware about advantages and limitations of electric vehicles; the article mentions a few basic types of electric vehicles and details thereof. Each of this type has its pros and cons and therefore making it suitable for only certain specific applications.
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