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At KNEWRON we do work on building revolutionary ideas and products for many domains. We are innovators with a solid grasp of real world demands. And being a lean & mean company, we appreciate self starters, people with vision and zest to excel and exceed their own expectations.


We always welcome individuals who are idea generators and believe that ideas need effective execution until logical conclusion. Basically, we are looking for people who want to do amazing things in their career and who are searching for a way to get started or take the next incredible step. Does this sound like you ? If so, read on...


If you feel that you like what we are doing and can't wait to join us - read about current opportunities in KNEWRON and apply right away.


Applying is easy, but it takes time. It is actually really hard and time consuming to find you in the midst of literally hundreds of other applications we get from everyone else.So this is where we are asking something different - can you make it really easy and obvious to find how good you're, so we do not accidently overlook you ?


There are probably many ways to do that. But easiest way is to write a good compelling yet laconic email, attach a nicely done resume and ensure that at least two credible professional references are included.


That's it - send an email to us on career @ knewron.co.in along-with your detailed profile and things mentioned above. If you make an honest attempt to mention all the points above, we will make an honest attempt to reply you promptly.


Currently we are looking for...


Before you apply...


All the best !
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