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We offer mixed technology solutions for smarter businesses, automation products and seamless prototyping services...

Mixed technology products and services for efficient business...

  • Design and development of connected systems, sensors and related applications.
  • Active sensor modules that are programmed to suit your applications.
  • Off-the-shelf development modules, tools & services to speed up your design process and go-to-market timeline; esp. for OEMs, designers, makers & start-ups.
  • Proof of concept design and development to convert your ideas & concepts into reality.
  • Customized applications and instruments for test-automation, jigs & fixtures.
  • Full design & development of connected systems’ as per your requirements.


Custom design methodology to help you realize your idea faster and better...

  • When we undertake customized product development, we follow five step approach -
  • As a first step, we work with you to create a comprehensive requirements document through a discovery process.
  • Then comes the design of heart of the connected system / machine - the hardware and the software.
  • Once core design is complete, integration is done with various other support systems as and when necessary.
  • Thereafter, a controlled pilot run is conducted which tells about necessary refinements.
  • Finally, we either transfer the technology to you, or, we manufacture that for you and extend our support further.


Some of our products...



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