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Logo Story

What is in the name ? - a famous question ! Yet name is the one which gives first signature impression of an organization; and we have put significant effort to develop this impression. At the outset we prepared list of characteristics that the name & logo should depict while not compromising on uniqueness and naming conventions. Over 55 names were tried to fit the bill. At last the one came on board is 'Knewron'.

Knewron logo consists of two distinct elements - the word 'Knewron' and four solid globes joined together. This arrangement has significance to depict our exact signature.

The word 'Knewron' is formed by amalgamation of phonetic of actual word - 'neuron' and past-tense of Knewron Logoword - 'know' which is 'knew'. Our organization is very similar to the function of neuron - which is huge network of brain-cells. Neurons store lot of information - information for entire life of human being. Neurons not only store information but also utilize and reconstruct it in meaningful way as and when required. And it happens so naturally that we tend not to pay attention to it.

Similarly, our organization has expertise of people from diversified fields that are acquired over a time. Thus our team of experts has 'know'-how which can be utilized. This way, the word 'Knewron' depicts network of expert professionals working in similar fashion as brain neurons work.

Another element - four solid globes joined together are of four basic colors viz. red, yellow, green and blue. While red, yellow and green are primary colors in nature; red, green and blue are primary colors in most of display devices. Mixing these colors together in various proportions forms any color in the universe that can exists. This depicts primary expertise of our people; a well proportioned and right mix will always make meaningful combination. These globes also assimilate neuron-like complex structure to some extent.

These two elements are combined together to form in-depth meaning of what we are, what we do and what we can do !
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