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Digital...By Choice

Just stating a few blurbs on site should not make one green organization for sure. The keyword is - Practice what you preach !. While Knewron primarily works in Business Solutions space, its every endeavour is targeted towards making this world a better living place. To make it so, our every team member believes in importance of sustainability.

Knewron is firm believer and evangelist of Lean and Six-Sigma principles which directly targets wastes all over. This is why Knewron has made its office paperless since its inception i.e. 2009. This is our first step towards becoming green organization and contributing towards sustaining our planet.

While an organization may not directly contribute against sustainability but indirectly through its outcomes, services or products it may do so. At Knewron we strictly scrutinize our every suggestion, outcome or service, product before it is put up in front of client to ensure it passes First Principle test. This test ensures that nothing is goes out of Knewron can do something against the green cause.

Be it a minor meeting or long tour plan or event – at Knewron it is always ensured that resources are being used optimally. It is ensured that wastage does not happen at any point in time. While it may sound naive and trivial, it is what that makes a difference – small things can make big difference!

Knewron is digital...by choice !

If you are interested in knowing more about Knewron’s best practices towards green organization and sustainability, contact us – we will be happy to share our experiences with you.

Digital By Choice ! 
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