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Solution providers for connected applications, intelligent systems, and innovative products

KNEWRON is a technology company that provides connected devices, intelligent applications, and the internet of things in commercial markets. We support customers in design and development of atypical solutions in today’s modern world.

We have delivered many interesting and niche projects that involved multi-technology solutions. Developed and deployed several support tools, processes, and techniques that helped our customers achieve their objectives faster and better.


We offer mixed-technology designs, smart and connected products with supporting services. Our seamless custom design methodology helps you realize your idea and application faster as well as better.


In order to support rapid development, KNEWRON also retails development modules, tools & services which can speed up your design process and go-to-market timeline. This is especially very useful for designers, makers & start-ups.


As a design studio, KNEWRON also supports prototype design and development to convert ideas and concepts into reality.
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